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New car makers with innovative concepts

January 3, 2019 |

A German company, Sono Motors, is working on creating a completely new- a solar-powered car. Sono Motors has been working for years on its first car — the Sion. The company now has a handful of prototypes on the road and is refining its manufacturing process to ship those cars to customers who pre-ordered. It is expected set their cars on roads of Europe in 2019.

A Dutch company, Lightyear, is developing a car that charges itself with sunlight –  Lightyear One.  A car that has the ability to use solar power has just won a Climate Change Innovator Award. Lightyear One is a fully solar-powered car with effortless energy flow, superior range, and is expected to hit the road by 2020.

Both the Lightyear One and Sion vehicles are covered in solar panels that can either power the car directly, or charge the onboard battery. But is a solar-powered car a feasible idea?

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