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  • 5G RAN

    The 5G-RAN training covers in-depth aspects of evolution from 4G to 5G and a framework for 5G-RAN architecture and protocol stack. Participants will be skilled on 5G and IoT…

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  • Advanced Ansible Training

    Advanced Ansible Training by Cognixia is a detailed training course on one of the most popular automation tools in the world. This course will help the participants to understand…

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  • Advanced DevOps Training and Certification

    A combined contraction of Development and Operations, DevOps inculcates the philosophies, practices, and tools that support automation and monitoring at all the stages of software development. Advanced DevOps takes…

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  • Advanced Java 8 Programming

    The Advanced Java 8 Programming is a practical Java training workshop for experienced developers who want to learn how to work with innovative programming APIs and techniques. Students attending Advanced Java 8…

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  • Advanced Machine Learning with Deep Learning Training

    Machines have been driving our existence since the first industrial revolution to the current trend of industry 4.0. It is, thus, somewhat imperative to be an integral part of…

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  • Android App Development Training

    Become an Android expert by creating Android application and getting introduced to its UI design and Event handling, as well as activities, fragments, notification and media, while working on…

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  • Angular JS 4 Training

    Angular JS is one of the most popular javascript frameworks to create dynamic web applications. Angular JS 4 Training offered by Cognixia is comprehensive course that will help participants…

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  • Apache Spark & Scala

    The Apache Spark & Scala course will enable learners to understand how Spark enables in-memory data processing and runs much faster than Hadoop MapReduce & helps in NRT analytics….

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