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5 Must-Have Strategies to Enhance Technology Training

October 22, 2018 | General

Learning a new technology is a challenge not only for the newbies in the technical world but also for those who have plunged their hands deep into it. Over the years, online learning and technology e-learning has spread its influence in the learning and development (L & D) sector. Naturally, there is an intense competition between learning solution providers for acquiring and retaining candidates and professionals who can get the maximum out of their investment of time and money.

A Learning Management System (LMS) is the result of widespread innovation in L & D which has revolutionized the way we take in information and learn. Despite these innovations, however, un-engaging methods are still in practice that can sometimes render the whole L & D program useless for a candidate, and profitless for the training provider. Thus, appropriate strategies must be inculcated in the LMS to ensure that the shortcomings plaguing them are eradicated.
1. Cut it Short
Research shows that visual elements can enhance learning by 323%.
Problem: Lengthy documents, no matter replete with treasures of learning, are big turn offs. A learner, in one way or another will find an excuse not to read it.
Solution: Cut the wordy documents short by inserting images and infographics. Colorful elements bring life to the document. A learner will grasp the concept presented in an infographic much attentively compared to dry, dull text. Insert quotes that present the essence of the paragraphs in one sentence. Creating memes and inserting screenshots are a better and more creative way of presenting information as compared to textual detail. And last but not the least, add bullet points wherever possible.
2. Mix it up
It takes only 50 milliseconds for your online audience to form their first impression.
Problem: Content, no matter how informative, is not suited for everyone in the target audience. Moreover, people only read 20% of words on the screen.
Solution: There is something called narrative-based learning that weaves storytelling into technical training. A learner is more likely to remember concepts well for a longer period of time with it. Apart from that, streaming webinars, videos and podcasts not only make the training more engaging, but will also give the impression of being in-depth and well-researched.
3. Encourage Collaboration
Man is a social animal because the brain is a social organ.
Problem: The age-old belief that learning needs solitude is not always true. In fact, in the corporate environment, where being a team player is one of the more desirable attributes, solitary learning is a burden that impedes agile learning and growth.
Solution: Include social learning into your LMS. Form groups with people of varied expertise; who can share and imbibe concepts from one another. Create a social notice board where learners share their knowledge. Have sections in which questions can be pitched to the experts.
4. Stimulate Enthusiasm
With gamification implemented in learning, 80% learners have been shown to be more productive.
Problem: There will always be individuals who would enroll themselves for a course but will show little interest in learning and would often seem mentally fatigued. Text or no-text, colorful images and infographics, collaborative platforms – nothing seems to bring out the zest within them.
Solution: A pinch of healthy competition can do the trick. Collaboration brings the learners on the same platform where we can include gamification for enhanced technology training. In your LMS, introduce achievement points, badges and ranking to encourage competition. Implement quizzes and game-based content authoring tools to stimulate enthusiasm in the fatigued learner.
5. Be Mobile, Be Accessible
Not being on mobile means missing out on a big chunk of traffic.
Problem: The absence of your LMS in mobile devices is blasphemous. And your presence on mobile must be optimized. An unresponsive site not optimized for mobility results in non-responsive buttons, lengthy scrolling, and bad ranking.
Solution: First and foremost, have a mobile version of your LMS. Enhance it with more mobile plug-ins. And then, use a mobile responsive design.
Without these 5 strategies, online technology learning can be dreadful even for an avid learner. Include these strategies and see for yourselves how engaging your learning program becomes within no time.

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