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Android – Innovation for Future

June 10, 2016 | Android, Blog, Technology

A Linux-based operating system, Android, is used by millions of people across the globe. A recent survey in May 2013 shows that there were around 900 android users. Hence, because of the increase in users, It is growing day by day. There is a lot of scope as it has generated revenue of about $31 billion and has a profit of $22 billion since its release. Moreover, It has the most in the market share as compared to other OS.

Hardware like smartwatches, smart TVs, notebooks, game consoles and desktops also use Android OS. It has been a thriving accomplishment for Google in a short time. The future of this operating system is limitless. Future of Android is predicted to grow exceptionally high. Since they have already surpassed Apple, they are now able to predict what the users will do next.

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