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Choose the best IoT platform that fits with your application

January 16, 2016 | IoT

Any IoT platform you build will need to manage thousands or millions of your product’s digital identities and the wealth of data generated by them. It’ll need to handle their web-based control as well as the connections with other systems, platforms, products, and apps.

The key criterion’s for IoT platform is data integrity, the connection between things, managing of things and data, application development platform with infrastructure. At the top level scalability and security, as well as flexible APIs, are also considered.

Choosing an IOT platform

IOT is still maturing, after all. Before technology becomes mainstream, it is the early adopters or the early majority who shape the market, along with forward-thinking technology providers who understand current and future needs.

But in this rapidly evolving space with so many smart home clouds and IOT vendors, it can be difficult to identify the right platform for your business needs.

Several IOT Platforms:

Most of these platforms are not open-source as such but developed in open source technology. They will give free access/paid to their system to use. They allow your product to connect at very low cost.<>

  • Xively: Xively simplifies the way companies securely and robustly connect their products and users, manage IoT data at scale, and engage more closely with their customers, users, and partners.
    • Alliances: Texas Instruments, Atmel, Heroku, Salesforce, Polabs, ARM
    • Protocols: HTTP Sockets, MQTT, XMPP, CoAP
    • Clients: Lutron, verdeva, Biolabs, elektron technology.
    • Products: Healthcare and Life sciences, Fukushima radiation monitoring, Home appliances, Smart energy
  • Carriots: Carriots is an open-source platform used to collect & store data from any source and of any type. Integrates application with external IT systems through their powerful APIs and web services. Can handle multiple projects, a rich set of APIs, easily scalable, worry-free application hosting.
    • Alliances: Microsoft Azure, MIMOS, oesri, TST, wairbut.
    • Protocols: MQTT, HTTP
    • Clients: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Medialab Prado, python, wairbut.
    • Products: Weather station, MIMOS smart parking, TST Sistemas rubbish bin sensor, Smart irrigation security system.
  • IBM Bluemix: IBM Bluemix is open-source technologies to power the applications. It is a portable platform without having to manage the OS. Flexible with the applications and middleware. The collected data are analyzed and used for IBM push notification.
    • Partners: CSC
    • Protocols: HTTPS, Web Sockets, MQTT
    • Clients: Softlayer
    • Products: Retail, Healthcare, security
  • Aeris: Aeris technologies were specially designed for IoT and M2M. It has the lowest cost and promises to be best served in industry, experts help create a rate plan as per the business needs. Integration between AerCloud and Aeris stack has proven to reduce application development time.
    • Alliances: SimplyHome, Embedded works, Novotech, Tech Mahindra, Peoplenet, Sprint
    • Protocols: CoAP, Custom, REST, MQTT
    • Clients: Acura, Astute, Novariant, Leica, Peoplenet, at&t, Bosch, Hyundai, SimplyHome, Badger Meter, conEdison, Rand Mcnally.
    • Products: Healthcare Monitoring and Control, Fleet Telematics, Point of sale, Utilities.
  • Axeda: Axeda Platform includes tools to simplifies the connectivity and communication between devices and analyzing sensor data, sending them to other systems. Includes data management and storage; the rules engine, scripting engine, web services and SDKs.
    • Alliances: at&t, Wipro, SAP, Multitech System, Salesforce
    • Protocols: MQTT, AMMP (The Adaptive Machine Messaging Protocol)
    • Clients: Microsoft, Philips, Energy Matter Conversion Corporation, General Electric.
    • Products: Banking- NCR, salaries, tidal; Industrial- key technology, Government-saic, Medical-Agilent Technologies.GE Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, Telcom.
    • KAA: Kaa is a highly scalable open-source platform for building, managing, and integrating applications for IoT. Kaa offers a smart approach for implementing rich communication, control, and interoperation capabilities into connected products and smart devices. Moreover, Kaa has a powerful backend functionality which speeds up IoT product development and allows the vendors to concentrate on maximizing their product value to their customers.
    • Sponsored by: Cybervision
      • Protocols: HTTP(S)-based and TCP-based protocols
        econais and canonical
      • Use cases: agriculture, consumer electronics, healthcare, industrial automation, logistics, sports & fitness, wearable
  • Cumulocity: Cumulocity is an IoT platform offering the leading cloud-based solution with a true plug and plays experience. Very scalable, quick and easy to develop end-to-end IoT solutions.
    • Alliances: Queclink, impaq, trilix, aplicom, sms, logicline
    • Protocols: REST HTTP, MQTT
    • Clients: ATEA, Bismark, COCUS, embeteco, innotec, logicline, Lyreco, Netcommwireless, nokia, oberthur, paypal, tixi, top control
    • Products: asset tracking, scada monitoring, smart metering, smart vending, remote maintenance, telematics

Listed above are few of IoT platforms, many other companies are investing into IoT and will have the similar or different approach for their platform.

What really matters???

  • What are the scale and performance factors you consider while thinking about connecting your product?
  • If in future your product changes which platform will be scalable accordingly?
  • New communication technologies are emerging each day, how do you make your product future-proofed?
  • What are the requirements for security for the product?

Much such concern clicks to your mind before choosing a right IoT platform for your application. Stay tuned to know more about IoT. Visit:Cognixia

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