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Cloud Computing: Let Us Dream Beyond Infinity

January 20, 2016 | Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has become the buzzword in the field of technology today. The expansion of this technology over the past few years has been tremendous. The market statistics for Cloud Computing are also very promising. At 8.14% CAGR, the Cloud market is predicted to grow from 49 Billion USD in 2015 to 67 Billion USD in 2018. IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) is estimated to witness a global expenditure of $16.5 Billion by the end of the fiscal year 2015-16.

Cloud apps are predicted to account for 90% of the total mobile traffic by 2019 as compared to the 81% in 2014-15. Also, the cloud traffic through mobile devices is supposed to grow 11 times from 2014 – 2019 giving it a compound annual growth rate of 60%. The scenario of Cloud Computing is such that you can like it or oppose it but you cannot ignore it.

Here is a graphical representation of Cloud Traffic from 2014 – 2019 (Source: Cisco):

cloud computing with AWS training

There are various statistics of Cloud market that are worth making a note of to understand how this technology is becoming an integral part of the enterprises. Today, cloud computing has become vital for an enterprise’s IT strategies. This technology has enabled a large portion of IT to be free from limitations of inheritance of software and hardware data center models. Cloud has brought a revolution in the ways of service delivery by IT and also, how users access information, applications, and business services.

They say that a picture says a thousand words. Here is an image depicting five reasons for a business enterprise to use Cloud (Source: IBM):

cloud computing with AWS trainingLet us talk about some trends during 2015 – 2016. Here is a list of top five strategic cloud computing trends which have driven the cloud engagement during 2015 and would be doing so in 2016 as well


Hybrid Cloud computing is a term used to define the usage of a combination of public/private cloud services and physical application infrastructure and services. This is a trend which is going to be the way forward.


What CSB stands for is basically the involvement of a service provider acting as a liaison in the consumption of cloud computing. CSB is being predicted as the trend which would catch pace, given the fact that users would opt for cloud services over the next few years, free from IT bureaucracy.

A person who doesn’t believe in the idea of cloud computing with all his might would also agree to its benefits today. The advantages of the cloud are manifold – it is cost-effective, has greater agility and minimized complexity. These features of cloud also enable the IT to steer in the direction of innovation and speed-up the businesses.


The present-day usage scenario of cloud computing technology in case of business enterprises is rather short of its capabilities. We are still using the cloud as a medium to just transfer our enterprise workloads to the cloud or an application infrastructure. The real potential of cloud would only be realized when we start designing application which is cloud-optimized. The day we put this from paper to practice, we would witness the cloud model delivering extraordinary applications.


As the businesses keep creating or expanding their data centers, it is advisable for them to apply cloud computing implementation models of Cloud Service Providers as opposed to the present scenario where the data centers and various implementations are handled by the service providers.

All of the information supplied above tells us how the future of the business and industry is going to change with Cloud becoming an integral part of it. This is giving a rise to employment for those who are skilled and understand this technology and its nuances. A person who has the knowledge of cloud platform and its aligned services like AWS (Amazon Web Services) etc. is a sought after professional from an industry perspective. The technical know-how of concepts of AWS, EC2, EBS and Cloud formation templates, VPC, S3 storage, and the glacier is a skill that can boost your career in the cloud arena.

Here is a graph representing the growth of cloud infrastructure and platform market:

cloud computing with AWS training

Cognixia has specially designed courses to train you on Cloud Computing and aligned platforms like Amazon’s AWS. Cloud Computing is the future of the industry and is going to contribute to its growth like no other. We recognize this trend and wish to get our trainees equipped for it. Come, let us dream beyond infinity. For further information, you can write to us.

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