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Cloud Computing – Market Overview

November 16, 2015 | Cloud Computing

Are you looking for a better career growth in Cloud Computing? Will this technology enhance your career graph? Yes to an extent. Cloud Computing is a preferred career opportunity for you as it is constantly transforming and developing business processes. Information Technology (IT) – for the organizations has proved to be a vital component of the enterprise landscape from the era of mainframe computing to existing virtualized platforms. The design of cloud computing is based on the underlying principle of reusability of IT capabilities.

This technology helps in delivering shared resources, software and IT infrastructure services via a shared network. From the business standpoint, this technology is not only economical but also makes applications accessible from any remote area and instantly reacts to changes in the business needs.

In the near future, Cloud seems quite promising with IT giants like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and, which are vigorously budding new solutions to address existing issues. Every aspiring IT professional wants to become a part of such IT giants and organizations today are working to upscale the skills of professionals to make them employable around the skills on emerging technologies – Cloud computing being one of the skills. Here is a chance to be one of those IT professionals – visit Cognixia or contact us and get yourself trained and certified with AWS – Cloud Computing.

cloud computing market overview

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