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What does Data Science mean for you?

October 11, 2017 | Data Science, Technology

A lot has been said about data science and its importance in the corporate world today. In the corporate world, almost every decision is taken based on a careful and scientific analysis of data. Data has been generated in petabytes and Exabyte on a daily basis. Data is only going to grow, that too at an extremely fast pace.

So one thing is for sure that Data Science is not a bubble that will burst in some time but it is going much more advanced and faster in the days to come. In this article you’ll find out what is this “data” and what is “data science” and what does it mean for you. Data science can be defined as a combination of various scientific methods, processes, and systems to extract insights from the large data-sets (which is otherwise hidden).

Since the rise of the Internet, there has been a constant spike in the rise of data, and the introduction of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. along with the advanced smart-phones has contributed tremendously in the generation of data. Whatever an individual does social media platform like, share a post, post a comment, like an ad, and even a simple search gets recorded and added to the enormous amount of data.

about data science

Everything is online today. From people friend’s list, buying behavior, pictures, what they like and what they dislike, their opinion about a particular thing or topic, etc. All these details (data) about individuals can be scientifically analyzed and used in creating a better online environment. From suggesting the books, movies, and videos they might like or suggest an item which they might be interested in buying.

A good example to include – Netflix, it uses the data of millions of users around the World regarding the movies and shows they have watched, the actors they like and the kind of movies they like. With after running advanced algorithm (part of data science) on this data, they come with the list of movies or shows an individual will be more interested in watching and they start “suggesting” them these movies.

You may have also noticed the same thing on YouTube when you watch a few videos on YouTube; it automatically starts suggesting you more videos based on what you watched. This may look very simple but there are complex algorithms running in the background that makes this possible.

Data may have come a long way but the truth is that it has barely begun. There is a huge potential in the field of data science and it related fields like AI and machine learning. If you’re interested in knowing more about data science training, feel free to contact us to enroll for data science certification course.

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