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DevOps – The Emerging Skills in Demand 2018

March 22, 2016 | DevOps, Technology

Lately, DevOps has become one of the emerging skills which have created a high demand and offers a big number of opportunities. Different people learn DevOps in different ways and one can see a major divergence in the job designations and functions across organizations. DevOps is a relatively new field and it would be interesting to learn how professionals define their roles in the companies, how much they earn and various factors affecting the salary trends in this field.

There are some interesting facts which catch one’s attention while researching on DevOps. Though the professionals come from various walks of life, you will generally find the work-force in this field to be constituting of males in the age bracket of 25 to 44 years with an experience ranging from one to six years in their respective fields.

Devops Salary

In a survey conducted by Incapsula in 2014, it was seen that the median salary of a DevOps professional was approximately $105,000. Usually, these salaries depend on the size of the teams. The bigger the team, the larger median salary they attract. To cite an example, a team with the strength of 10 professionals would have a median salary of close to $104,000, as opposed to, a 100 member team which would attract a much higher figure of $129,000.

Another interesting fact is about the educational qualification of a DevOps professional. A higher degree does not necessarily mean a bigger salary in this field. In the survey conducted by Incapsula, it was found that more than half of the respondents only had a bachelor’s degree and merely one-fourth had a master’s.

Surprisingly, professionals with just a high school diploma are making $106,734 whereas those with a master’s are earning $ 105,000. It is regarded as a field with great job stability. More than 60% of the professionals say that they are not worried about the stability of their jobs. Another important insight that we get from DevOps professionals in terms of career growth is to hone one’s operational, communication and analytical skills.

Similar to any other field of work, DevOps professionals’ salaries are affected by the amount of experience they have. Professionals with ten or more years of experience are said to earn 33% more than those whose experience range is between 1 – 6 years.

There are a certain set of skills which a DevOps professional should focus on. Understanding the business side, developing or rather honing the communication skills, keeping abreast with the latest technology changes and being flexible and open to change are some of these key areas. As far as the technical skills are concerned, the most valued of them are cloud deployment and virtualization, programming and systems architecture and configuration management.

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