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DevOps Jobs: How to tailor your resume?

October 23, 2017 | DevOps, Emerging Technologies, Technology

As the demand for DevOps professional is in its hay days, it is obvious that there are a plethora of DevOps job opportunities in the market. But because DevOps is relatively a new role, it becomes challenging to demonstrate your skills and experience in this field using the same classic IT resume and therefore, your resume needs to be tailored to best match what the employer is looking for and the DevOps skills that you have.

If you are somehow able to include important skills and experience and demonstrate your expertise as a DevOps pro; avoiding common mistakes and things that can leave a negative impression on hiring managers, is an art!

Before we throw light on different ways to customize your resume for DevOps jobs, let us make you clear about when you can probably plan to look for jobs with companies that use DevOps. DevOps is the combination of concepts that, while not all new, aims to build a healthy connection between software development and IT operations.

So, if you see yourself in the development process of apps, websites, and software or want to help companies to release them smoothly, DevOps job is exactly what your approach should be. Once acquainted with the aim, another big point is how to get noticed by recruiters and evaluated favorably. Here are the three key points that can help you get DevOps jobs:

  • Tailor your resume for best results

Generally, most of the DevOps pros in the industry are self-taught through conferences, courses, and online DevOps certification programs that are offered by Cognixia. So, they have an assumption that the certificates are sufficient enough to reflect their areas of expertise and often ignore to tailor their resume that would help them showcase their skills. It is always advisable to design a resume that includes a summary of qualifications and experiences. Highlight key skills listed in the job advertisement that resonates with you.

DevOps Training

  • Smart job seekers should avoid sending the same resume for multiple roles

Your resume is a way of expressing yourself in fewer words from the educational and professional viewpoint. Often candidates are tempted to follow “One Size Fits All” approach when it comes to applying to multiple different job roles. This approach might help in applying to a large number of job applications but certainly degrades the quality of each application.

Avoid sending out the same old resume repeatedly- when applying to multiple roles. Instead, the approach should be adding relevant responsibilities and skills to your generic resume in order to reflect how your prior experiences have prepared you for each specific role.

  • Strategize how to reuse your traditional IT experience

For any job, it is hard to get it without relevant experience. If you are attempting your first move into a DevOps job, strategize how your prior experience can resonate well with a DevOps position. Supposing, your current profile is System Administrator and you seek to make a transition into DevOps. Using classic sysadmin resume is not likely to get your resume on the top of the recruiter’s list.

You need to plan a strategy about how to customize your resume so that it can explain why you would be a  valuable asset as a DevOps engineer, even being from the system admin background. A well- planned strategy not only helps you increase your odds of success but also you won’t regret your job switch as your experience will still count.

Bottom Line

Alright then, you have learned how to customize your resume for DevOps job. But merely stuffing your resume with DevOps-y jargon won’t work. You have to be able to get command over your communications to assure recruiters and hiring managers that you hold experience and skills essential to add value to their DevOps team.

A candidate unable to convince recruiters despite scoring ten on ten for each requisite may be a red flag for hiring managers. In nutshell, a combination of a presentation on paper as well as before recruiters will help you to achieve your dream DevOps job! For more details, contact us

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