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Digital Marketing – Things worth taking notice of!!

August 31, 2016 | Digital Marketing

No more you will find a consumer being surprised to see the products or services on offer as he enters a store or surfs the web. A large number of devices, platforms, and social media channels feed information to the consumer each day, or to be hundred percent correct every hour or even minute. Today the consumer is exposed to a digital marketing world full of amazing products, services, and digital innovations.

Once we start speaking about the trends for 2016, it will become easier for you to spot them. A lot of creativity and analysis goes into executing these trends but it’s all worth it. There is some ambiguity in certain questions regarding some trends but then this is the time we can utilize to build on our knowledge.

digital marketing

Embrace the opportunity

This year should be utilized to harness real bonds between customers and your brand. This year seventy-five% of the marketers who were asked to rate the performance of their company claimed it to be very good or at least good when it came to creating brand intimacy with customers. On the other hand, a global search conducted by MBLM shows that just one-third of the consumers are of the opinion that they share an intimate connection with a brand. This is a clear indicator of marketers’ overestimation of their brand’s success or underestimation of challenges to create ultimate brand relationships.

Fight the Good Fight

During a survey done in the marketers’ community, the unanimous voice for not being able to build a stronger bond with customers is because of internal resistance.  It has become highly important to fight the data-driven mindset that works around the C-suite. Marketing will only become stronger by combining zeal with emotions and creating a scenario where art and science come together. As marketers, you should be equipped with facts about decision drivers and propagate about the performance which informs customers deliver. Leverage the emotional currency of your brand and represent this powerful perspective.

Break the Silos

It is very important for the marketers today to effectively engage and cut across the company if they want to deliver a compelling brand to the customers. This scenario is not easy to achieve nor is it readily accepted but most of the professionals seem to agree. Marketers are generally of the opinion that it is only by improving the product offering which can improve the levels of customer intimacy. This would mean channeling the internal silos which would strengthen a product. Engineering and operations functions along with the domain of insight would usher marketing to great lengths in terms of enhanced internal collaboration across disciplines.

The Human Element

You can always make your brand’s presence felt by working on personalization, relevance, and anticipation. Marketers have always had a soft spot for customer service as this is where they feel that the connect is maximum with the customers. Some marketers also say that a large number of their customers associate their brands with the Brand Intimacy archetype of fulfillment: great expectations, exceptional delivery service, quality, and value. It is important for you to keep the focus on the fulfillment of customers and their engagement with your brand by constantly pleasing them.

Digital Marketing is the key to a successful business enterprise today. In today’s day and age where we all are surrounded by so many devices and machines which are connected to the internet 24×7, it has become important for any business to be present on these mediums. This is why Digital Marketing has become one of the most coveted professions of our times.

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