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January 23, 2016 | Home, Technology

New and emerging technologies are the thing of today. It is unbelievable how fast the world of emerging technology is expanding. We witness some of the other advancement with every break of dawn. In a scenario like this, it is imperative for us to keep up with this evolution. These technologies are touching every sphere of our lives. It is because of these technologies that our lives have become rather convenient.

Smartphones and laptops have become the thing of the past now. Today, we are in an age of wearable devices, delivery drones and an app which understands our eating habits. Technology has penetrated into our lives like never before. It is touching the social as well as the financial aspects of our lives. Now, one may wonder how this is happening. Well, the technologies that emerge on a day-to-day basis have changed the way we think, perceive and execute things in our lives.

From booking a cab for the airport to getting a dentist’s appointment, everything is being done through the use of technology (Read: Mobile Applications). Not only this, but these disruptive technologies have come up with a huge change in the market scenarios in the form of massive employment opportunities. Things like Big Data, Cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) etc have become the largest pullers of employment force.

disruptive technologies

This evolution is here to stay. Even the future predictions of these emerging technologies look very promising. It is believed that the year 2020 would see the world in a whole new picture. With Cloud computing being adopted by the industry and the household with equal warmth, IoT is becoming the word of the day. Thus, we can be sure of a technology-driven future.

Here are some mind-numbing statistics which would make you realize of the enormity of Disruptive Technologies. IoT will connect 5 Billion people and 50 Billion devices globally to the internet by 2020. It has also been helpful in creating over 47,000 jobs in the last 7 years. Let’s see how Big Data is doing. This year the Big Data market is predicted to grow beyond 40 Million USD mark. These changes have also helped in generating the best-paid jobs of our times.

A Big Data developer makes a whopping US$ 108,000/annum on average. The salaries and the market cap of these disruptive technologies is just the tip of the iceberg. The fascinating part is how these technological changes are going to affect our lives in the future.

Let us observe some serious changes that the world of technology might witness in the near future. Here is my pick of five emerging technologies,

  1. Homomorphic Encryption – One of the major limitations for the cloud computing revolution to become more explosive than it already has is the data security issue. Homomorphic Encryption is the answer to that. It is the method by which we could categorize and mine encrypted files while keeping their encrypted state unchanged.
  2. Fog Computing – Fog computing can be easily termed as the next step in the evolution of cloud computing. On one hand, where cloud computing is like enormous white clouds up in the sky, fog computing would surround us. The basic idea behind this approach is that the devices would not communicate with a few data centers but would create a wireless mesh to enable point-to-point communication with the devices in our geographical proximity.
  3. 3-D Displays – 3-D displays are not something which is new for us. But looking at this technology objectively, it is difficult to achieve a good 3-D Display. With the latest advancements in the field, it has some seriously good stuff to offer. Though 3-D displays are not much of a household thing this technology will surely be useful for niche businesses like mechanical engineering, advertising, and medical research etc.
  4. Biometrics – The time is not far when the use of passwords will be long forgotten. This is an attempt to make the authentication process more and more secure. It is astonishing to see how the focus is shifting from tackling the password-hacking situation to the use of biometrics. This technology becoming a part of our day-to-day lives is somewhat inevitable.
  5. Battery Technologies – One of the most nerve-wracking things today is to keep charging your device several times a day so the battery doesn’t drain out. Advancements are being made in the field of battery technologies each day to put an end to our miseries. If the thought that the mobile technology has exploded crossed your mind even once then think again. With the changes and improvements being made in the area of battery technologies, the time is not far when we would become mobile in the truest sense of the word.

It is a challenge for people in the field of technology to stay on top of it all the time. At the same time, it is also very important to do so. The boom has just started and it is in the interest of the professionals to upskill themselves in these areas in order to keep pace.

At Cognixia, we strive to bring the latest information and best pieces of training to you. It is time that we took this seriously and match the pace of this evolving technology. For further information, write to us

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