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Go Hadoop!

March 15, 2016 | Big Data, Technology

We have been discussing a lot about Hadoop as a framework. By now, we all know what Hadoop is and what it does. This post intends to throw some light on the prerequisites of doing Hadoop training. There are two distinct pieces of training in the Hadoop space. The first being Hadoop Administration and the other, for a Hadoop Developer. Though it is one’s keenness and inclination towards the subject that matters the most when opting for a particular training but there are certain factors which can prove advantageous during the Hadoop course. Some of these prerequisites are like the knowledge of Linux and Java etc.

Here is an image depicting various professions which have Hadoop as a natural career progression:

Go Hadoop java

Let’s take a look at the professions for which Hadoop is considered as a natural career progression. First and foremost are the Java professionals. Hadoop is being considered as the best step forward for Java professionals. This theory is supported by logic. Hadoop is completely a Java written framework; hence, making it easier for someone with prior Java skills to learn it. MapReduce is considered as one of the most important modules of Hadoop and this module is created by using the Apache Pig platform.

It is a high-level platform and uses Pig Latin (a programming language) to abridge programming from Java MapReduce idiom. Resultantly, this makes MapR programming a high-level programming like SQL which is generally used in traditional rational databases. It is relatively easier for a Java professional to pick up Pig Latin using User Defined Functions because they can write it with JavaScript. And the icing on the cake is that their Java skills help them in debugging Hadoop applications.

Another set of people who should learn Hadoop are the ETL professionals. It has been witnessed in the past that Hadoop has become quite significant in data warehousing as a transitory platform for ETL (extract, transform and load) processing. Here are a few reasons why ETL professionals should opt for a Hadoop training. The very first reason is a much wider career path. Encountering big data has become a routine in today’s world and the traditional ETL tools do not suffice the situations in terms of storage, efficiency, and cost which is why ETL professionals are actively getting trained on Hadoop. This also helps them in tackling any situation in the future.

Another reason is that Hadoop allows you to tackle Big Data more efficiently. As the volume of data is consistently increasing in the traditional ETL systems, the requirement to augment people, skills, software, and resources has also increased significantly. A considerable dip in performance parameters was noticed due to huge volumes of data in the traditional ETL processes. This has led to the adoption of the Hadoop framework by the majority of ETL professionals.

Organizations are generating high volumes of complex and unstructured data which is bringing out the limitations of traditional ETL systems. This has made the handling of large-scale data a big problem for data management professionals. One of the best options to keep up with this data chaos is to acquire Hadoop skills – this helps because upgrading the traditional data warehousing infrastructure is not the answer, not to mention long processing hours required by them.

The following image explains the usage of Hadoop in database management:

hadoop in enterprises

Besides the Java and ETL professionals, there is another set of people who can benefit a lot by acquiring Hadoop skills – the Business Intelligence professionals. In today’s time, business intelligence is facing a lot of challenges which can be tackled by Hadoop (through multi-structured data and big data analytics). In the recent times, big data technologies like Hadoop have been complementing various business intelligence products and services.

This has made a large number of organizations to opt for Hadoop and getting maximum business value by combining it into their BI products and services. We have witnessed a significant increase in the number of Business Intelligence professionals generating interest in Hadoop in the past few years. The reason for this is cited to be the perfect match of big data and business intelligence in form of Hadoop.

We, at Cognixia, have the finest of Hadoop Administrator and Hadoop Developer pieces of training. If you are a Java professional looking to upscale your career or an ETL professional to acquire the latest skills or working in Business Intelligence space and wish to give your profile an edge, then these pieces of training are best suited for you. For further information, contact us anytime.

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