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Hadoop: The Hottest Big Data Skill

March 30, 2016 | Big Data, Technology

If you are looking for the best rewarding career, Hadoop is the skill you should be mastering. It is becoming a challenge for the organizations to make sense of the huge amounts of data which is being generated by them. This is the reason why skilled and competent Big Data Hadoop professionals are in so much demand and are attracting premium packages. Big Data Hadoop technology has been rewarding in nature since it generated business consciousness and wide enterprise adoption. Taking into consideration the present day scenario, there is a huge crunch in Hadoop technology talent. This situation has made the organizations desperate for Hadoop skilled professionals and they want to get their hands on them at any cost. It is being stated that as the organizations from all sectors move towards Big Data initiatives, there will be a very high demand for experienced engineers who are capable of communicating with business users and data scientists, thus translating business objectives into data processing workflows.

Let’s look at the global scenario of Big Data Hadoop job trends., a popular job portal, stated that there were 500 open Big Data Hadoop jobs in San Francisco and 450 open jobs in start-ups for Big Data Hadoop engineers in Bay Area, California during 2015. Besides the huge demand in the job market, the profession also offers a lot of monetary benefits. In the year gone by, Big Data engineers could have anticipated an average of 9.3% hike in the initial payment. The average salaries in the field of Big Data Hadoop were between 119,000 USD to 168,000 USD during 2015. A Big Data Hadoop developer is suggested to have made an average of 139,000 USD as salary, while a senior Hadoop Developer made a whopping 178,000 USD during the last year.

Big Data Hadoop Training

There is serious competition in the IT market for Big Data jobs, which is why professionals should be equipped with proper skills like Hadoop to give them an edge. Let’s say, for example, a Hadoop Developer is making the US $130,000 per annum, there might be another company which will evaluate the same professional at the US $160,000. Both these figures sound reasonable in terms of salary but the latter might be willing to offer more for a simple reason that this organization may have a larger impact on Big Data Technology Development using Hadoop Technology. You can easily make the highly variable job salary components in Big Data Hadoop jobs, as there is always a company who is ready to outbid its competitors.

The following images talk of some of the trends from 2015 –

Hadoop Training

There has been a consistency in the job demand and trends in Big Data Hadoop jobs. Here is a graph depicting the Hadoop job trends from 2012 – 2016 (Source:

Hadoop Training

It is overwhelming to see how Hadoop technology is shaping up in the Big Data world. Being a relatively new technology, it has become one of the hottest skills in the job market in no time. At Cognixia we provide the finest training for Hadoop. With meticulously laid down course content, industry experienced trainers and a great infrastructure, we ensure that our students acquire the skills in the best manner. If you aspire for a rewarding career, then getting yourself trained on Hadoop can do wonders. For further information, you can write to us

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