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How intelligent automation helps ITIL 4 success?

February 8, 2021 | Automation, Technology
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Lately, Intelligent Automation has been immensely popular. It is the combination of artificial intelligence machine learning, and process automation used to create smart business processes & workflows that think, learn, and adapt on their own. It helps increase efficiencies and deploy new capabilities beyond human capabilities. It also helps provide personalized customer interactions, enabling enterprises to provide best-in-class customer experience and satisfaction.

One area intelligent automation has been very helpful in is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL. Intelligent automation, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning helps intelligently analyze content, derive appropriate actions, and help organizations streamline and run with maximum efficiency & impact.

With intelligent automation, service desks can deliver service operational excellence, streamline IT and business processes across the organization, and mitigate risks even before they arise. Intelligent automation enables intelligent ticket tracking, routing, and email notifications, which help teams resolve issues and requests efficiently. It also offers self-service options to help users discover answers to common problems quickly & alleviate service requests.

ITIL 4 has been helping organizations use IT to realize business transformation & growth. It encompasses many important processes, such as incident management, knowledge management, change management, and problem management. These processes are closely tied together and enable overall service management. When these workflows are intelligently automated, enterprises can improve their resolution times and prevent future incidents. With intelligent automation, service management solutions could be quicker, more accurate, and more cost-effective, irrespective of whether the enterprise operates in the cloud, follows a hybrid model, or has a physical data center. With intelligent automation, enterprises can see all their assets across the entire architecture, instead of watching just one system at a time. This in turn would help them identify and address issues much before they can harm the business.

ITIL 4 being the latest version of ITIL is the most current set of frameworks and tools for enterprises. With ITIL v3 beginning to retire in 2021, upgrading to ITIL 4 is quite a necessity today. And the first step on the ITIL career path is the ITIL V4 certification. To help your organization embrace ITIL and intelligent automation, you would need to get ITIL certified and earn your ITIL 4 Foundation credentials. And if you’ve decided to take this first step, you’ve come to the right place.


Cognixia – the world’s leading digital talent transformation company is an AXELOS Authorized Training Organization (ATO) and offers a complete portfolio of ITIL training and certifications. We offer a 100% moneyback guarantee to all learners. Our ITIL certification course is conducted online and is live & instructor-led. Our ITIL training introduces learners to ITIL 4 concepts & practices, and they learn how organizations can use this information to conduct business activities more efficiently and effectively. After earning the ITIL 4 Foundation credentials, learners will be qualified to attend more advanced ITIL 4 courses. Our ITIL4 Online training covers:

  • The concept of a service
  • Services, risk, cost, and service management
  • Service relationship management
  • Four dimensions of service management
  • Guiding principles of service management
  • Service value system
  • Service value chain
  • General management practices
  • Service management practices
  • Technical management practices

Along with the training, you get lifetime access to all the learning material and recordings of the video sessions via the LMS.

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