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How to respond to digital disruption with ITIL 4?

May 28, 2021 | ITIL® and IT Service Management
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The 4th Industrial Revolution demands greater interaction between humans, physical assets, and new digital technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and nanotechnology. This has increased the disruption in businesses on a global scale. In this fast-paced & complex environment, organizations are facing pressure as they are required to be better equipped to adapt to newer things, ensure their IT and other digitally-enabled services can compete through agility.

Organizations can face these challenges with ITIL 4 – a framework designed to help businesses survive digital disruptions and flourish.

Increased pressure on IT leaders

Due to the complex environment, IT leaders are constantly faced with increased demands from the customers, colleagues, as well as CEOs for improved and better digital products & services.

Secondly, there’s competitive pressure. This means the businesses are required to pick up speed – reduce time-to-market and usher in more innovation. They have to flexible enough to adapt to the latest technologies or developments. Due to all this, IT leaders are required to continually transform.

To tackle these challenges, the efforts made by organizations can be divided into 4 categories – experience, business, cultural, and operational. The organizations need not focus on all these core areas, they can focus on the ones needed to remain relevant as well as competitive in the marketplace.

Responding to digital disruption

To respond effectively to digital disruption, organizations need advanced leadership qualities. They need to fully understand the internal and external operations of the organization to develop a response.

This includes having a strong vision of the business’s aim, what it is trying to achieve, and where it is trying to go. This involves ensuring the business’s vision is perfectly aligned with the internal activities and managers of the organization.

To create a balance in the organization and to simultaneously remain competitive in the market, operational efficiency is needed, which can be improved with ITIL 4 practices.

Introducing ITIL 4 in the organization

To compete in the modern digital era, IT leaders are required to equip their teams with the skills that are necessary to face digital disruption. This is where ITIL 4 helps the organizations – it helps them connect and align various challenges that are relevant to a wide range of professionals in the digital world. It enables the organizations to have their multiple components and business activities working together, facilitating value via integrated & coordinated efforts. The ITIL 4 guidelines and practices will help the organization to initiate & plan the changes, align all the value streams towards the common goal, and combine managerial objective & governance.

With the ITIL 4 framework, companies can –

  • Be more agile & better equipped to adopt innovations, technologies, and developments such as AI, Cloud, or Automation.
  • Remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace, facing the increased pressure from digital disruptors.
  • Improve a digital culture with effective improvements and communication strategies via key ITIL 4 practices and guidelines.
  • Adapt new working ways such as DevOps, Agile, and Lean.
  • Identify the risks & considerations beforehand.
  • Develop an effective response to evolving customer demands as well as increasing demand for new products & services.

Along with these, the ITIL 4 framework also helps the organizations with a future-proofed approach to digital services along with a clear alignment between business strategies and operations. Through ITIL 4 Digital & IT strategy, leaders can create a vision, strategy, as well as tools to rate the organization’s maturity. Further, they can take the required steps to make a difference.

All this will directly influence the business’s outcomes, enabling the organization to achieve its set objectives.

Upskill your teams to effectively respond in the digital era

If your organization is using ITIL v3, then it’s time to re-certify your teams to ITIL 4 and provide them with the skills & knowledge required to pick up the pace and adapt according to market trends.

ITIL 4 certification will provide your organization with a holistic solution for your digital and IT teams.

Get Certified in ITIL and Incorporate it Successfully

Sharpen your skills & receive your ITIL 4 certification to effectively respond to new business challenges. If you’re looking forward to upgrading from ITIL v3 or are new to the ITIL framework altogether, Cognixia is here to help you out!

Enroll in Cognixia’s ITIL 4 Foundation certification course to achieve better operational outcomes. We are the world’s leading digital talent transformation company and are committed to helping you shape your careers & future by offering you highly intellectual and insightful training & certifications in digital technologies. We provide you with the best online learning experience that will enhance your knowledge through immersive hands-on training sessions, ultimately adding value to your skillset. Cognixia caters to both the individuals & corporate workforce via interactive instructor-led courses.

Cognixia is an AXELOS Authorized Training Organization (ATO) that offers learners a complete portfolio of ITIL training & certification programs. Our ITIL 4 Foundation certification course is considered one of the most sought-after online training programs in our portfolio.

In this ITIL training, learners will be trained by the industry’s most experienced ITIL trainers who ensure the course is delivered in line with the official AXELOS guidelines & curriculum.

With Cognixia’s ITIL 4 Foundation certification program, you will get extensive hands-on practice that will help you clear the main ITIL certification exam on the very first attempt. Not just that, with our ITIL training course, you get the perk of lifetime access to the course’s learning material & video sessions via our LMS.

Learn and improve your skillset from the comfort of your home, with our intuitive & comprehensive ITIL 4 Online Training.

This ITIL training course will cover the following concepts:

  • The concept of a service
  • Services, costs, risks, and service management
  • Service relationship management
  • The 4 dimensions of service management
  • Guiding principles of service management
  • Service value system
  • Service value chain
  • General management practices
  • Service management practices
  • Technical management practices

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