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How to Use ITIL to Move to a Service Culture?

May 7, 2021 | ITIL® and IT Service Management
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In every business, developing a service culture is very important. To make that happen, ITIL 4’s principles come into play.

First, let us understand what ‘service culture’ in an organization –

Service culture covers the services or arrangements that are designed to suit the suppliers. For instance, the offering of IT services under the service level agreements that are defined by IT, but not for customer benefits. This would be referred to as a transactional governance culture that is based on commercial arrangements for suppliers’ benefits.

Another example would be the KPI of service availability, mentioning “99% uptime”. This uptime is mainly focused on the numbers and not the customer service. Today, we’re not restrained to a ‘9 to 5’ schedule. We also do not always rely on on-site servers or network devices as well. Therefore, there should not be a reason for IT services to be unavailable at any particular time.

Organizations need to work on understanding the outcomes, value customers’ needs, and redefine their IT culture.

ITIL 4 & Service Culture

ITIL 4 has increased the flexibility of work. The customers have supported this cultural change in services. So, to retain the customers, organizations have aligned their business strategies with their digital & service strategies.

Along with ITIL 4’s digital & IT strategy capabilities that help the businesses with their analysis tools, ITIL’s dimensions of service management enable businesses to focus on value, rather than governance & processes.

To attract customers and retain them, your organization needs to focus on “customer experience & innovation”. Therefore, your operations and services have to scale with the IT services. To maintain the customer relationship, your organization needs to focus on and correct the out-of-date service level agreements and improve their responsiveness as well as agility.

ITIL 4 – Key Steps to Service Culture

Here are the important steps that will help you develop a service culture in your organization –

  • Define Where You’re At – The Current Business Situation

    The best way to begin the journey to establishing a service culture is to know the current state of your business. Define the existing business processes, cultures & behaviors, and review them before making any new changes.

    Planning & implementing the service management further includes the following steps:

    • Organization’s mission and vision
    • Strategy & governance
    • People and the roles & responsibilities
    • Product & technology
    • Culture, service, & attitude
    • Organization relationships

By identifying all these factors, you will get to know about the pain points, and what needs to be improved.

  • Business Plan – What your business strives to do

    Determine the business requirements and define where do you want to take your business to, what do you want to achieve. You need to understand the role of IT in your business strategy. ITSM speeds up the process and delivers what the customers and users need.

  • Building capabilities, value streams & processes

    With ITSM, your business has the power and the ability to do something as it builds capability. Focus on high-value activities instead of repetitive elements.

    Realize the value for the customers through internal and external activities or processes. This is done via value streams & processes which enable value creation through products & services. Under the value streams, you need to define the steps that need to be taken to create and deliver the products & services to your customers. This involves structuring portfolios to get a clear picture of what needs to be delivered and how.

    In contrast, processes include the inter-related/inter-acting activities which transform inputs into outputs. Under this, policies are defined and broken down to know what needs to be done by whom.

    For this, you need 6 archetypal activities:

    • Plan
    • Improve
    • Engage
    • Design & transition
    • Obtain or build
    • Delivery & support
  • Management Practice Guidance

    ITIL 4 introduced a new Service Value System (SVS) that is more flexible and has 34 management practices to apply across the entire value chain. SVS considers the four dimensions of organizations i.e., people, technology, partners, and value streams, just like the continual improvement model. Understand each practice under this guidance and involve stakeholders in analyzing the implementation.

Including ITIL in your business’s ITSM environment can help you gain customers and provide other business benefits.

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  • Service value chain
  • General management practices
  • Service management practices
  • Technical management practices

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