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iOS – A Dreamy Operating System

February 9, 2016 | iOS, Technology

We all know about Apple Inc. and how great its contribution has been in the field of technology. From creating Apple – 1 in 1976 to the creation of Apple Watch in 2015, this IT giant has come a long way. The Apple products which gained the maximum popularity amongst its users are definitely the iPhone and the iPad. Now, if these devices are so popular then the operating system they run on has to have a significant place in the market.

iOS has proven to be a great platform for its users, as well as, the developers. Today, mobile App development has become one of the best career options in the field of information technology. There’s a lot happening on the iOS front every day. My post, this time, is just about these new and exciting developments.

iOS App Development Training

Let’s see what, new, is happening with the iOS. With the latest firmware update to iOS 9 in September 2015, there have been quite a few exciting changes. Let me take you through these advancements, one at a time –

Your Daily Dosage of News

With iOS 9 comes a new app added to your Home screen for all the news that you care for. The news puts all the stories of your interest in one place and hence saving all the time you spend hunting through apps. This new app extracts articles from a wide range of source based on your interests. This app gets better with time and starts picking up stuff that you’ll want to see.

Make a Note of It

With this latest Notes app update, you will have an experience like never before. Now you can make a checklist on your notes app and it’s amazingly easy to do that. Also, this new and advanced Notes app allows you to add photos, maps or a web link to your note. Another mind-boggling feature is that you can even draw a sketch with your finger to add it your note. And with the help of iCloud, any and all the changes you make are updated across all your devices. Making a note of things hasn’t been so much fun!!

Where are you going?

The Maps have become better and fancier with iOS 9. Now you can use transportation with maps as your guide. The app features a Transit view now. This helps with routes and directions customized for each city where it’s available. With the help of the Transit view, you can now, pinpoint even the signposts. Another feature that will catch your fancy is how it helps you show nearby places. Searching in maps will show you a list of categories including Food, Drinks, Shopping, and Fun etc.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay makes purchases with your credit card easier and more secure. Though the feature is only available in the United States, as of now we can be sure that it will hit the global market pretty soon. This easy to access Wallet (A double click on the home button while your iPhone is locked) is going to become a household thing in the future.

iCloud Drive

The iOS 9 comes with a built-in iCloud Drive app. This feature allows you to access any file that you save on iCloud from just one place – your Home screen. You can easily search within the app and find the file you’re looking for.

The apps and updates discussed above are just a fraction of what the iOS actually offers. To add to these, there are certain features which work better with the iPad and have been customized accordingly vis-a-vis the slide-over function, split-view and the picture in picture. Also, features like Quick-type work better on the iPad for a simple reason – screen size.

With such amazing stuff happening in the iOS spectrum, imagine how great it would be to work in this field. iOS Developers have become one of the most sought-after professionals in the IT industry, of late. The reason behind this is simple – growth in the number of iOS users.

With a global increase in the iOS users, the demand for new and exciting features, applications and updates have gone up like never before. This is the reason why there is a dire need for professionals who understand the concepts of iOS app development and are skilled in the area. Learning the nuances of iOS app development can give a kick start to any aspiring developer’s career.

The median salary of an iOS developer in India is around ₹ 3,60,000 per annum. With decent salary packages and exciting career opportunities, iOS Development has become an obvious choice for IT students, as well as, experienced developers.

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