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August 22, 2016 | Analytics with R, Technology

Today, irrespective of the nature of work, businesses are concerned about handling large volumes of data. It is a regular exercise for the companies to make sense of the information they have regarding their customers and themselves. Having said this, it would also not be possible to analyze such humongous amounts of data by creating pivot tables in Excel. This is the reason behind the usage of commercial tool SAS to gather business intelligence by a large number of companies.

But then something better always comes along, doesn’t it? SAS faces a hard time in keeping pace with the open-source language used by leading data scientists in academics – R. R as a programming language is designed in a way that it suits the coming of age data science which provides the companies with modern data analysis tools. Now the worry is the poor standards and scores of diverse contributors which result in an ineffective base for the business. Can this be changed?

In this world of analytics you might not find a lot of companies which work with R. But then there is Revolution Analytics which uses R and considers it a great fit for commercial purposes. It was the CCO of Revolution Analytics – David Smith who stumbled upon some students who were using R long time back but the language was not being used by the industry.

This was way back in the day when no company wanted to work or support R programming language. There weren’t even any companies who would provide expert assistance on R or backed this programming language commercially. This is when the foundation of Revolution Analytics was laid.

Things have changed today. R has become popular among data scientists and is a preferred choice of the majority. Like-minded people come together and work on R and on its development in the business world. You can also find quite a few news articles and published papers on R. Then there are enthusiasts like me who keep a tab of any emerging technology and love to share it with the world through my blogs.

A number of organizations and training academies have also started educational workshops on R for individuals and even at the corporate level. All one needs is the curiosity and urge to learn new things when it comes to technology. The case is similar to R. Working on an open source resource and while doing so creating a commercial opportunity for yourself is an advantage that you can have with this programming language.

Lately, if you see a good visualization in a journal article or even on the internet there’s a good chance that it was created in R. Such is the capacity of this language. This is the reason; it has become so popular with the data science and analytics professionals. Professionals skilled on R can never run out of opportunities.

All of R’s programming libraries are free but then there are companies like Revolution Analytics which make service packages giving customers the access to their in-house developed libraries. These commercial libraries prove to be advantageous for corporate customers who have to regularly deal with huge volumes of data.

Some of these libraries, which are made by companies like Revolution Analytics eventually, become free open-source for example RHadoop project’s libraries. These RHadoop’s free libraries act as leverage and are used in the data computing environment Hadoop for managing their data.

Analytics with R

This shows how Analytics with R as a programming language easily aligns itself with data analytics tools and frameworks like Hadoop. Due to its free open-source nature, flexibility, and scalability, R has become an important tool for data scientists and data analysts. People who have the understanding of this programming language are highly sought after in the fields mentioned above.

Besides this, there are professions like being a full-time R programmer or consult on R-based projects and much more. There are endless opportunities; all you need is to get yourself to be skilled on R programming language. R can be taken up by various professionals like data analysts, business analysts, data engineers, data scientists, technical managers and even entrepreneurs who wish to get an understanding of R programming concepts.

Cognixia has one of the finest programs which educate the participants on R programming concepts. Our Analytics with R training program has been designed in a way to help you understand all the nuances of this amazing programming language. With subject matter experts delivering the training and a meticulously laid down course content we promise to deliver the best results. For further information, you can write to us

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