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Big Data Analytics: A Revolution

February 6, 2017 | Big Data, Technology

Everybody is talking about data or more specifically, Big Data. But only a few understand what is Big Data and what is its scope and the rest are talking about Big Data is because they are curious to know more about it. Corporates around the world are investing a fortune in setting up the infrastructure which will be able to support Big Data and Big Data Analytics.

Big Data Analytics

Data is everywhere; everyone is generating some or the other kind of data every day, for example, your Facebook posts, likes, shares, the tweets you re-tweet on Twitter, the images you share on Instagram, things you purchase from online shopping portals all of that is part of the ridiculous amount of data that is being generated.

And this is not it, even “smart” devices, are generating data on their own and contributing to the enormous data and add to that the data generated by the weather satellite, commercial airplanes, and many other sources. If you combine all this data it will be a LOT of data!

All this data will be of no use if we are not able to utilize it properly. We need some tools, systems, techniques which will help us make all this data make sense. And that is where Big Data Analytics play a very important role. Big Data Analytics is a revolution which has just begun and will be extremely crucial to the success of corporates in the next few decades.

Companies, along with building the infrastructure to handle the enormous amount of data, are also constantly looking for professionals that can help them in the analysis of data. This is proved by the sudden rise in demand for “data scientists” in the world. By 2020, there will be a shortage of around 2 million data scientists in the world based on the current trends. It can be a brilliant career option for anyone who is interested in data analytics.

There are numerous courses available in Data Science; Cognixia a Collabera Learning Solutions Company offers one of the best courses available in the country. Self-paced Analytics with R provided by Cognixia puts as much emphasis on practical and hands-on experience as they do in theory.

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