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Big Data Hadoop is Driving Businesses

April 13, 2017 | Big Data, Blog, Hadoop

What is Big Data & Why Use Big Data

About 20 years ago no one would have thought about the amount of data that will be generated will be so huge. Data was only being generated just by the businesses and governments. Fast forward few years and you have Google, facebook, twitter and others, all contributing to the sudden increase in the amount of data. With Google, Facebook and other social networking sites, everyone started contributing to the overall data being generated.

Fast forward a few more years and now we have IoT (Internet of Things), where “smart“ devices have started generating data without any human intervention, adding tremendously to already humongous data. Today, we create about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day; this is BIG by any standard.

With the rise in the amount of data, it became clear that the traditional tools to handle this amount of data were not sufficient and there was a need for more advanced methods and tools for managing, what we now call as, “Big Data”. Hadoop was one of the pioneers in advanced tools used for “Big Data” management and processing.

big data uses in business

Big Data Using Hadoop

Today, Hadoop has become either a prefix or a suffix of Big Data. Big Data and Hadoop go hand in hand. Hadoop has really made the processing and storage of Big Data accessible to everyone. Businesses, around the world, had access to a lot of data but they had no idea about how to handle all that data until Hadoop came into existence.

Today, Big Data Hadoop plays a crucial role in the storage and processing of data. A major company, big or small, is looking to leverage Hadoop to manage their data, which has caused a sudden rise in the demand for Hadoop developers and Hadoop administrators around the world. There is a huge shortage of Hadoop professionals as it is a relatively new technology.

Any professional who is interested in making a very rewarding career in the field of Hadoop can easily be trained these days. Cognixia provides one of the best Big Data Hadoop developers and Big Data Hadoop administrators certification training. For further details about the courses or if you have any question regarding the training, feel free to get in touch with Cognixia.

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