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Why is CyberSecurity the Backbone of Your Business?

August 24, 2018 | Cyber Security

Unless you have been living under the rock, you know technology advancements have taken businesses to the next level. Various emerging technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, social networking and mobile computing as well as interconnections between corporate networks across all levels for collecting and sharing knowledge have led to a rapidly evolving business environment. It has now become easier and faster than ever to access and connect people, information and resources across different geographic locations. But unfortunately, greater connectivity and advanced digital technology have exposed businesses to new threats- Cyber-attacks, being a major concern for businesses.

Conducting businesses in cyberspace open new doors for cybercriminals. Cyber-attacks have never been as frequent as they are now. Every second day, there are new headlines about hackers bringing an organization to its knees. Gone are the days, when businesses can assume that cyber-attacks will not happen to them. Current scenario portrays that it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, if you run an organization, you are a potential target for cyber attackers. As the businesses are becoming increasingly interconnected, the need to pay more attention to the security of their organization’s connections is expanding. These cyber security threats have created a demand for a huge number of cybersecurity professionals to prevent and manage cyber-attacks, thereby generating several jobs.

In fact, cyber-attacks are inevitable. Despite spending thousands of dollars on trying to defend the business against cyber-attacks, no corporate sector is safe from security breaches. Cybercriminals have plundered big retailers like eBay, Home Depot for sensitive corporate and customer information. They have burrowed into banks to steal bank accounts. Even tech companies can’t seem to protect themselves from data and security breaches. Big IT giants like Google, Yahoo have lost their customers’ data to hackers. Not just that cyber-attacks result in financial losses, legal troubles and public image damages, they also expose businesses to the inability to achieve their strategic goals. Therefore, companies have no option other than to prepare themselves to respond to the cyber-attacks appropriately.

Though you might come across a lot of advice and suggestions about how to fight against cybercrimeit is difficult to cite a single option as the best. In general, it is advisable to know the three “B’s” of cybersecurity:
cyber security

Be Prepared:

Cyber-attacks have been a major concern for businesses of all sizes. Hackers attack small businesses because they know such businesses lack the resources and skills to guard themselves. On the other hand, big organizations are targets of cybercriminals because of the invaluable information they own. The key to protecting your business from cyber-attacks is to be prepared in advance with a strategic plan. Cybersecurity is not a matter of “if”, a cyber-attack will happen but a question of “how” and “what” actions companies can take “when” there will be a security breach.

Be Organized:

Most of the companies adopt a military grade of security to protect their physical assets as well as digital information, while others failed to achieve the similar degree of security. The reason is unorganized ways of accessing and storing information. Following a systematic way to handle and protect corporate data and establishing crystal clear policies on consequences of violating the cybersecurity policies can protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Be Aware:

Cybersecurity is an umbrella term used to refer to technologies, tools, methods and practises designed to protect the networks, machines and data from attacks, damages and unauthorised access. Cybersecurity awareness and training programs like that offered by Cognixia helps professionals build a secure IT environment and understand key terms related to cyber laws, intellectual property law and domain theft.

Article Takeaway:

Information Technology is evolving at a rapid speed so does the rate of data generation. Hackers are excitingly searching for just a single breach from your side to bring your entire organization’s operations down. Cybersecurity is a key to unlock all possible threats that a cyber-attack could cause to your organization. Educate your employees about all nitty-gritty of cybercrime by providing CyberSecurity Training which is designed considering today’s need of having a secured network.

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