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The Don’ts of Digital Marketing in 2016

May 5, 2016 | Digital Marketing, Technology

Like the trends to watch for and the practices to follow, Digital Marketing also has some don’ts laid down for this year. So without much ado, let’s get down to business and understand what we shouldn’t be doing in Digital Marketing this year.

  1. Don’t Fail to Recognize your target audience – identifying your target audience is like a thumb rule when it comes to marketing. It is imperative to have an understanding of your audience. If a marketer studies his audience well, then the rest of the marketing exercise kind of takes care of itself.
  2. Not Having a Strategy at All – Sadly, this happens sometimes. We all know that a major portion of the digital marketing relies on “tactics” and “techniques” rather than solid strategies and goals. Before you decide on a tactic that you want to work with, you should have a strategy in place. This online marketing strategy that you form will act as the guiding light for you in the world of marketing.
  3. Do Not Forget the Mobile – We might have seen the greatest impact of mobiles in 2015 but we can still feel its tremors. If your strategic moves don’t have the mobile-first approach, then you are alienating more than half of your potential audience. Mobile optimization is significant both for conversions and content; hence, it should always be on your mind while forming the marketing strategy.
  4. Neglecting SEO – The myth that “SEO is dead” has been doing the rounds since the very inception of SEO. In today’s age of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, marketers are neglecting SEO thinking – what difference does it make? This notion is wrong in its entirety. SEO is and will remain to be one of the significant building blocks of a technologically sound and competitive web presence. If you don’t understand the concepts of SEO, your marketing strategy is bound to falter and fail. One doesn’t need to know the nitty-gritty of SEO but the basic understanding of its concepts is more than necessary.Digital Marketing
  5. Not Doing Any Conversion Optimization – There were times when it was okay not to do any conversion optimization. Those times are long gone. If you fail to conduct regular and meticulous split testing, your strategy would fail. So be bold about it. There is no denying the fact that it requires technical tactics and a keen eye for analytics, but most of the CRO software eliminates the need of in-depth knowledge.
  6. Taking every possible path – It is rather easy to get confused as there are hundreds of thousands of tactics that one can work with. There is a way to avoid this overwhelming situation of getting confused. First things first, figure out what your target audience wants. Secondly, identify where they are (geographically). Finally, adopt a strategy to reach them. When you focus in this manner, you will automatically eliminate the tactics which are of no use to you.
  7. Using Every Social Media Platform – I am sure you must have come across a few professionals who spare none of the social media platforms when it comes to marketing. Though it may seem that the idea should work because of the simple reason – maximum reach but no, this will exhaust you because social media channels require a lot of time and energy. The best way is to sift three best choices of social media by understanding where your audience hangs out the most. Once you have identified these, and then give them all your energy.
  8. Having No Marketing Budget – If you act miserly on your marketing budget, it will give rise to two probable scenarios. First is that you realise that it was a mistake and start dipping into other funds which would result in messing up the entire business plan. Second is that you don’t have the budget and so you do no marketing activity which means that the business fails to take off. Either of the two scenarios has only one outcome and that is business failure. Rather than letting the business plans fall apart, it is advisable to spare some funds for marketing and let the ball rolling.
  9. Expecting Huge Results in No Time – Results in case of digital marketing take their own sweet time. Though you will be able to witness some measurable results in the short run, but you should remain realistic about the time frames it takes to achieve goals.

These are some of the things that you should be avoiding while making your Digital Marketing Strategies. Cognixia’s Digital Marketing Training educates you on all the concepts of Digital Marketing and helps you understand the dos and don’ts of the trait. Our trainings are modelled in a way which teaches you with the help of real use-cases. For further information, you can write to us

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