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How Does ITIL Training Benefit My Software Testing Career?

August 1, 2020 | ITIL

Standing out in a crowd, in today’s competitive digital age is becoming increasingly difficult. Individuals are upping their game by investing in credentials and certifications to improve and enhance their skills & expertise. Having a relevant certification is often seen as evidence of a professional’s personal drive and it improves their chances of landing the job of their choice.  One of the main motivations of considering a certification is gaining credibility with your potential employer and increasing your marketability. One of the regular entries on the must-have certification lists, year after year, is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification. ITIL training and certification over time, has proved its potential to maximize career opportunities and the earning potential for an IT professional. ITIL offers a scalable framework, bringing tangible benefits across a variety of sectors. That means the skills you equip through ITIL training are applicable for a countless number of job opportunities.

ITIL’s Widespread Adoption

ITIL, apart from its widely known benefits, also improves third party services through its specifications. Implementation of ITIL has translated itself as a beneficial investment for organizations. An upgraded ITSM functionality accompanied by skilled staff has resulted in increased competence and productivity of IT staff. As the framework offers a business view of the IT department’s functioning, the professionals who stand to benefit the most from this certification are IT professionals. Some professional roles that stand to benefit from this certification include:

  • IT consultants
  • IT managers and directors
  • IT technical support professionals and engineers
  • Quality analysts
  • Database administrators

In this article, we focus on how ITIL training can benefit professionals not just for the roles above but also in the field of software testing. We shed some light on how the certification and training may prove beneficial for a professional looking for a career in software testing, in this competitive digital age.

Benefits Of ITIL Training And Certification In Software Testing Roles

Professionals pursuing a career in software testing, usually start their journey with the following certifications, which are essential to their skillset:

  • Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) from ISTQB, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board
  • Certified Software Tester (CSTE) from Software Certifications
  • Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP) from the International Institute for Software Testing

An ITIL certification is not mandatory to the domain of a software tester and a professional who is just beginning their career may not particularly benefit with an ITIL qualification on their resume if they are starting out their career as a Quality Analyst (QA) or a software tester. However, the galloping pace of digitalization and automation has increasingly turned on the competitive streak amongst testers, making them fiercely more open to learning new skills. And having an ITIL certification will prove advantageous in the longer run, especially as more and more organizations start to digitalize their functionalities. It also widens the horizons for software testers, opening up possibilities for bigger, better opportunities to come their way for growing their career.

The increasing demand for delivering software faster and assuring a more qualitative response has moved organizations towards more agile software development. This massive shift has resulted in Quality Assurance (QA) and testing functions to improve as well. They are increasingly adopting agile and DevOps as a fragment of the QA department. The adoption of agile practices helps with establishing innovative technologies, best practices and frameworks for creating test scenarios and reports. Organizations who are consistently focusing on advancing with the digital age have welcomed the ITIL 4 framework with open arms, due to its agile nature and integration with Lean and DevOps. As organizations change their pace and move from the traditional waterfall processes to the newer agile functions, IT teams and functionalities align with this shift and drive the adoption of automation in their processes. Engineers have a more holistic view of the different IT functions, such as, quality assurance and testing are increasingly aligning with the organizational goals and roadmap.

Leaders responsible for prioritizing digital workplace initiatives and deploying tools required to enable them are always looking for employees who will help them achieve this dexterity to embark on their journey to digital transformation. Such employers highly treasure professionals who have an ITIL certification. So even though an ITIL4 certification is not a priority for the required skill set of a software tester, but there is no denying the fact that having an ITIL certificate will place you in a very sweet spot with the leading players of the competitive global market, who are readily looking for talented professionals, who can help them reap the rewards of Industry 4.0.

Still, wondering if ITIL is the right choice for you? To put it in a nutshell, an ITIL 4 Foundation certificate would add value to your resume and help you move up the corporate ladder. It would help you implement the ITIL practices and frameworks in your field of software testing and quality assurance, and would hold you in good stead with your employers.


Cognixia – world’s leading digital talent transformation company is offering a fully developed portfolio of AXELOS accredited formal classes, ranging from the foundation to intermediate and expert levels. Our ITIL 4 Foundation online training course is a fully live, instructor-led ITIL training that focuses on helping organizations and individuals understand the ITIL best practices and ultimately achieve the ITIL 4 Foundation certification after clearing the ITIL certification exam conducted by AXELOS. Along with the live, instructor-led training sessions for ITIL 4, we offer round the clock technical support and lifetime access to the learning material via our LMS. The more advanced courses take a deeper and more detailed approach to ITIL best practices, compared to the ITIL 4 Foundation, helping candidates prepare for the most challenging roles within IT organizations. Our ITIL 4 Foundation training and certification has achieved a 100% pass rate till date, for all its public schedules – all our public schedule participants for our ITIL 4 Foundation training have cleared their ITIL certification in the very first attempt. Cognixia also offers a 100% moneyback guarantee* with its ITIL training and certification course. So, if you do not clear your ITIL certification exam in the first attempt, we will refund the complete course back to you!*

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