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Is ITIL 4 just about IT?

April 15, 2021 | ITIL® and IT Service Management
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“Is ITIL 4 just about IT?” – A question that is frequently asked by executives.

With time, digital services are changing rapidly – whether it is for businesses or consumers. Meanwhile, when people think about ITIL, they perceive it as a core IT domain. However, ITIL is much more than that.

Well, let us shed more light on what ITIL 4 is and how it works to help businesses.

ITIL 4 offers organizations a digital operating model which helps them digitally transform and create value from their products & services. It helps them build better relationships with their customers as well as amalgamate their physical & digital technologies for improving operational efficiency.

The technology is designed for the ongoing digital era that powers the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It an approach to merge the management practices within the organization to yield best possible outputs.


ITIL 4 – Helping the Whole Business

ITIL 4 involves the four dimensions of service management that provide governance as well as the enhanced value that the companies can offer to their clientele, gaining an edge over their competitors. These four dimensions are:

  • Organization & people
  • Information & technology
  • Partners & suppliers
  • Value streams

This means that ITIL is not only a part of the IT department but it also covers operations of the whole business, establishing its relevance for every department in the organization. Moreover, ITIL 4 works on every level, so if the higher-level employees of the organization get certified in ITIL, they can strategize and plan better in accordance with the market changes as well as competitive pressures.

Let us take an example of the pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world to upgrade itself and adopt digital transformation at a much faster pace than ever before. This is where companies have to come up with new IT strategies to keep their business afloat. ITIL 4 can play a major role in this by helping organizations bring their capabilities together – both IT & digital. This lets the companies deliver value, which is a priority for the stakeholders.

How ITIL 4 makes a difference in the organization

ITIL 4 helps organizations adapt to new technologies and digitally transform themselves:

  • ITIL 4 aligns with IT practices including DevOps, COBIT, Agile, BRM
  • ITIL 4 can help in developing collaborations along with continuing skill development
  • ITIL 4 can be used to capture pragmatic or concrete business actions
  • ITIL 4 helps senior-level employees apply effective governance & co-create value

The relationship between IT & Digital

There are various questions that companies need to tackle, which do are not related to the IT department. For instance:

  • How can customers or users better interact with the business?
  • Is there any digital element involved to improve the interaction?
  • Is IT the entry point for better interaction and collaboration?
  • Is the business on the right track to go digital?

ITIL 4 includes the governance, practices, and standards that keep the organizations moving at the right pace, in the right direction.

ITIL 4 Certification

ITIL has been a popularly adopted framework for IT Service Management. ITIL 4 being the latest version of the ITIL framework and library, there is a huge demand for ITIL 4 certification training. Millions of IT practitioners have been investing in ITIL training programs to upskill themselves. If you are thinking about enhancing your skills and career prospects – learn and understand how to implement effective ITIL practices to drive a business’ value creation with a thorough ITIL 4 online training.

Why should you get ITIL certified?

  • You obtain in-depth knowledge about the best practices for ITSM & learn how to enhance business excellence.
  • You can uplift your company’s goals to industry standards.
  • You could improve your prospects for scoring your dream job.
Shape your career with Cognixia

Cognixia – a global leader in digital talent transformation – is committed towards delivering exceptional training & certifications in digital technologies that can help shape your future. We provide the best online immersive learning experience for both individuals as well as organisation workforce through highly interactive instructor-led courses.

If you are looking to sharpen your skills and earn your ITIL 4 certification or upgrade from ITIL v3, Cognixia is here to help you!

We are an AXELOS Authorized Training Organization (ATO) and offer the complete portfolio of ITIL training & certification programs. Our ITIL 4 Foundation training course is one of the most sought-after training programs in our portfolio. Our ITIL training is provided by the industry’s most experienced ITIL trainers and is delivered in line with the official AXELOS guidelines and curriculum.

With Cognixia’s ITIL 4 Foundation program, you will get extensive hands-on practice which will help you clear the ITIL certification exam in the very first attempt. Not only that, with our ITIL training course, you get an added advantage of lifetime access to the learning material & video sessions through Cognixia’s LMS.

There’s more! This ITIL 4 Foundation training program is covered by the 100% moneyback guarantee*, which ensures that you not only get the best value for all the resources you invest in your upskilling, but would also get a full refund if you do not clear the ITIL certification exam in your first attempt*.

Learn and improve from the comfort of your home, with our intuitive & comprehensive ITIL 4 Online Training.

This course will cover the following concepts:

  • The concept of a service
  • Services, costs, risks. and service management
  • Service relationship management
  • The 4 dimensions of service management
  • Guiding principles of service management
  • Service value system
  • Service value chain
  • General management practices
  • Service management practices
  • Technical management practices

* Terms & Conditions Apply

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